Pros and cons of different types of pillows

Currently, on the market, there are many different product lines. To distinguish, you can base on the material, use or design … of the products. In particular, highlights can include several pros and cons of the pillows that many people buy pillow options below.

Seagrass pillows

The product is made of natural rush material, so it is safe and user friendly. Products stand out by the fresh design, limiting heat and sweating. This lying pillow line is currently preferred for babies or children.


  • Low price
  • Material safe with babies.


  • Low altitude should only be suitable for infants
  • Materials from nature should be very prone to mold, so we need regular cleaning regularly.

Herbal sleeping pillows

This is a product line that uses more raw material in the intestines is all-natural herbs. The herbal ingredients are put into the pillow can include such as buckwheat, lavender, jasmine, sand (feces) silkworms, deciduous death, green bean shells, … The product is designed with diverse backrest lines, neck-straps … It is rated as safe and beneficial to health, especially useful in supporting the treatment of bone and joint diseases or fatigue…

Advantages: Ingredients from herbal ingredients should help the care of sleep-related pathologies such as insomnia, sedation, etc.


  • Herbal pillows have no immediate effect and require a long period of nursing. So you need to be patient.
  • Easy to cause itching, body rash due to poor hygiene or headache due to the aromatherapy ingredients inside. Therefore, you need to consult herbal formulas from experts to nourish the body.

Water pillows

This product line is inflated with cold water on the inside, assisting in keeping fresh. Besides, the characteristic of this type is the ability to change shape according to the user’s lying position flexibly.


  • Low price
  • Instantly cooling the contact area, helping to relax the body


  • It should not rest long, because the product lacks elasticity, does not support the neck and shoulders.
  • Most of the pillow covers are waterproof. Therefore, the product does not create aeration, causing perspiration to persist on the cover and cause rash, itching. So you should choose the best water pillow to use for this summer.

Natural latex sleeping pillows

Natural latex pillows are always the product that many people think of first when choosing to buy sleeping pillows. The product is considered to have good elasticity to support the neck and nape throughout the night fully.


  • Optimal support protects the spine well.
  • Natural ingredients should be safe for the user.


  • You should buy pillows from brands with modern production technology. Because natural rubber is quite dense structure, advanced technologies are needed to create air vents on the surface to develop aeration.
  • The high price due to scarce rubber material.
  • Counterfeit, shoddy goods “in disguise” of high-quality products appeared in the market.

U-shaped sleeping pillow

It would be flawed without mentioning this U-shaped pillow. This product line is made of many different types of pillow gut material, including young rubber, porous particles, … This product is often used by many users to buy pillows to stay in the office and take with them on trips for several days.


  • Most U-shaped pillows on the market are compact.
  • Occupying small area, handy to carry anywhere
  • Diverse models, colorful eye-catching.


  • The quality of the product depends on the pillow gut material: the poor quality ones will cause neck pain, quick collapse.
  • The product design is not suitable for long sleep because the support area is quite small, so lying down for long will cause neck pain, neck, and shoulder pain. Therefore, this product should only be used as a temporary substitute for naps.

Inflatable sleeping pillows

Similar to U-shaped pillows, inflatable pillows are the favored product line to rely on instead of hard seats for hours and days. Products also come in many different shapes, such as U-shaped, rectangular, and sleeping mattresses for you to choose to buy.


  • Material is thick and light so that it can be folded and carried anywhere.
  • There are many shapes to choose from neck pillows, backrest, cushion…


  • Do not put near sharp objects that are prone to farting.
  • Do not expose to high heat, making the product easy to deform.
  • Air pillows are inflated, so they lack a comfortable, long-lasting feeling that will cause neck pain. Therefore, this type of product should only be used as a temporary substitute and suitable for a nap.

Sponge pillow

Lazy chair line and porous grain pillow may not be strange to any office people. When you lie down, the spongy particles will automatically move in your position and hug the entire body in contact with the product.


  • Many designs, vivid colors, eye-catching.
  • The lightweight structure makes it easy to move everywhere.


  • Do not let the foam pillow in contact with a sharp object will cause the foam particles to be scattered. Besides, the small size and light particles will fly across the room, making it difficult to clean.
  • Difficult to clean, without sun exposure, it is easy to cause an unpleasant smell.
  • Quickly deflated and lumpy particles should be replaced regularly, porous particles, life expectancy less than one year.

Animal pillow

With this product, you will not need the pillow store to choose the entire product range. Animal-shaped sleeping pillows on the market have now been transformed into comfortable sleeping pillows. The blankets are rolled up and stuffed into animal pillows when needed; you just need to remove the zipper to take out.


  • Many eye-catching color shapes
  • Highly convenient, bring travel to sleep with blankets to fight cold.
  • Low prices can easily be purchased anywhere.


  • The price is low, so there will be poor quality goods that make the skin prone to rashes.
  • Most of the pillow gut material is prone to subsidence, so body support is not high. However, in terms of convenience, this is also a product you should have to take care of nap at the office or travel.

Feather pillow

This is a popular product in many countries around the world. Feather pillows on the market use the feathers of poultry and birds such as ducks, geese, geese, … to make the inside of the pillow. The hairs are deodorized and treated cleanly so users can rest assured use. Depending on the quality, the large size of the inner hair has a reasonable price, the bigger and the more beautiful the hair, the higher the price.


  • Lightweight and good ventilation.
  • Durability can be up to 10 years of use.


  • High price, with 100% natural hairs and beautiful hairs.
  • The product is smooth, but without good support, because when lying down the head will sink in the pillow.
  • Storage and washing are difficult.

Massage pillows

This product line is being sought and used by many people. Prominent in this product line in the form of electric massage pillows such as infrared massage pillows, multifunctional U-shaped massage pillows, square neck, and shoulder massage pillows, …


  • Supporting the treatment of pathologies to reduce neck and neck pain effectively
  • There are many different shape sizes for effective treatment options for each body area.


  • Many fake goods, inferior quality goods
  • Using low-quality goods is easy to endanger the body such as burns, electric shocks, …
  • The product is temporary and can be used for a maximum of 45 minutes, not for long and deep sleep.

Foam pillows – young latex pillows

This is a new generation product of the sleep care industry. Foam pillow uses advanced foam material, creating a sense of comfort when first used. Besides, the product has good elasticity like natural latex pillows, so manufacturers have favored another name for foam pillows as young rubber pillows. Thanks to the above advantages, this type of product are being used by many families for sleep care recently.


  • The ability to fully support the head and neck helps maintain the natural curve of the spine
  • Foam material with an open grain structure creates ventilation during sleep.


  • The foam material is easy to collapse.
  • Low-quality products appear in the market, losing the prestige of high-quality foam products.

In conclusion

Above is the information about the different types of pillows on the market. Each pad has different pros and cons. Depending on the benefits as well as the needs, you can choose the best pillow for you.

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