DIY Wood Art

Now that we own a home we seem to have a surplus of wood and with my new found love, the circular saw, I’ve decided to try and create a my very first piece of Wood Art!

Step 1: I cut a piece of plywood into 5 3inch slats and then glued them to 2 narrow pieces of wood to hold them together. You could use nails, but we didn’t have small enough nails and I didn’t want to spend any money.

Step 2: I sanded all the wood and then tried to create a gray stain by adding water to some gray paint we already had. It didn’t really have the effect I was looking for, but I like it!

I really liked this wood “thing” I made, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. So this wood “thing” just sat on our kitchen table for awhile. Then one morning as I was leaving for work (and it happened to be trash day) I noticed a neighbor throwing out this:

I immediately snatched it up (well, actually I asked Graham to run over to the neighbor’s and take it because I didn’t want to be caught digging through someone’s trash). I wasn’t sure what I would do with it, but it was wood and looked like something I could use. When I came home from work that night I looked at the wood contraption again and saw the perfect “E”. I KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO DO!!!! We will put an “E” on the wood “thing” that’s been sitting on our kitchen table for week!

Step 3: Graham dissembled the white wood shelving unit and found 4 pieces that would make the perfect “E”

Step 4: You could paint the letter if you wanted, but we liked the distressed white so we left it as is.

Step 5: Glue the “E” to the wood “thing”. I LOVE IT!!! It’s perfect for our house.

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