DIY Swing Set

Fall in Florida means we can finally start going outside. This also means we need more outdoor activities for Margot. Margot loves swinging and we just happened to have a corner of our small yard that wasn’t being used.

We’ve actually been saving this corner of our yard since the beginning of summer. We knew we wanted to put a swing set there, but building one in the summer in Florida would be pointless. So now that it’s fall we got serious about our swing set. We looked at a lot of swing sets and I mean A LOT. We checked every possible place on the internet, the local swing set shops, CraigsList and even eBay. They all seemed way too big or way too expensive. We just wanted something simple.

This is where my brother (Justin) comes in, he designed and built a swing set for his yard that was absolutely perfect! Now, all I needed to do was convince him to help us build a similar one for our yard. Luckily, Justin loves helping out his little sister and offered to help build it on my birthday weekend!!!


5 – 10inch carriage bolts ($12)

4 – eye bolts ($12)

8 – S hooks ($3)

2 – lag bolts ($3)

2 bags of 80lb cement ($8)

6 – 3inch construction screws

2 – 2x6x10 ($14)

1 – 2x10x10 ($11)

3 – 4x6x10 ($58)


swings (we found ours on Craigslist)



the hardware

Step 1: Dig 2, 2 foot deep holes.

Step 2: Layout the frame on the ground and sink the lag bolts into the lumber. 1 lag bolt at each corner (total of 2), attaching the top beam to the 2 side beams.

Step 3: Attach the 2x6x10s to both sides of the top beam. Use the 5 carriage bolts (2 on each end and 1 in the middle)

Step 4: Attach the 2x10x10 to the top of the top beam. We used 6 construction screws.

Step 5: Add the eyebolts. This is where the swings will hang, so it’s up to you on how far apart you want them. We decided to put an eyebolt every 2 feet.

Step 6: Prop up the frame so that you can tighten the carriage bolts underneath. Big brother, Justin, taught me that the correct order is washer, lock washer, nut.

Step 7:  Stand up the frame in the post holes you dug earlier. Make sure everything is level.

Step 8: Mix cement for the post holes. We used an 80lb bag for each hole.  And then let sit for 24 hours.

These men completed the swing set in just under 2 hours!

Step 9: After the cement has hardened, you can add the chains and swings. We used the S hooks to attach the chain to the eye hooks on the top beam. We also used S hooks to attach the swings to the chains. Now your swing set is complete…enjoy!!


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