DIY Christmas Sign

With Christmas almost here I thought I would try my hand at a Christmas sign. We had some extra wood around (of course) so I cut some planks (3×15) and glued them together.

Once the glue dried I put a coat of white paint over the entire sign. After the paint dried I started to add the words and graphic. I have horrible hand writing so I had to come up with a different way to transfer the text I wanted to the board. I ended up printing out the text I liked and then colored with a pencil on the back of the paper. When I flipped the paper over and traced the text onto the wood it copied over clear as day.

I was going to paint everything red, but then decided to just use a red sharpie and color everything in. Paint would look a lot better, but from a distance you can’t really tell.

I was able to complete this entire project in 2 evenings after Margot went to sleep. Not too bad!!


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