DIY Play Kitchen

We did it!! We really turned a $14 cabinet into this…


We knew we wanted Margot to have a kitchen of her own, but we didn’t realize how difficult and expensive it was to buy/find her the perfect kitchen. After a few days of scouring the internet for the perfect kitchen we decided to just make our own.

We hopped in the car and drove to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. We found this cabinet for $14…we had to get it!!


When we got home, we quickly began working on it. The cabinet was lower than we wanted for the kitchen, so Graham built a base from an old 2×4 we had left over from a previous project. The top of the cabinet was missing so we used an old piece of plywood to create the counter top. Look at us go!


Once the counter was installed, Graham needed to get the sink situation figured out. We happened to have an old silver mixing bowl that was just the right size. Graham traced the bowl and then used a jigsaw to cut out the circle. He left just enough space so that the lip of the bowl had something to rest on. At this point I think we both looked at each other with the biggest smiles, we couldn’t believe how perfectly this was all coming together!

When we were at the ReStore we tried to find a faucet, but the gentleman working told us that you can not buy used faucets (even if they are for pretend use) because of possible lead. This set us back a little because there was no way we were buying a new faucet (this project is supposed to be cheap!). We ended up finding a used RV faucet on eBay for $10 and free shipping! While we were waiting for the faucet to arrive Graham started working on the cabinet doors.


The door under the sink didn’t need anything other then some new hinges and a new handle, but the stove door…that took some work. Of course the door had to open downward and have a glass window so Margot could keep an eye on her baked goods. We bought some hinges that would allow it to open downward and we found a piece of Plexiglas to fit into the door.

Graham cut out a section of the door to fit the plexi and then glued it in. I was pretty impressed! Graham is becoming handier and handier.

Next up, painting. We spent a Friday night painting the doors and cabinet and maybe drinking a glass of wine or two (we gotta do what we gotta do).


Once the paint dried we installed the doors and painted the counter top. It looks so good, but just wait it gets better!


Maybe it’s sad, maybe it’s not, but every night when we got home from work we would rush to the mailbox to see if the faucet arrived. Finally, the day came that the faucet was in our mailbox. Graham was so excited that I didn’t even know the faucet arrived until I went out back and saw this…


It couldn’t be anymore perfect, it’s just the right size and Graham added another piece of plywood to the back to create a back splash.

We did another coat of paint on the doors and added the hardware.


OMG it’s beautiful!! We could not have imagined a more perfect kitchen for our little lady (oh wait, we did imagine it and then built it!)

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