Pressure Washing (my new love)

My new favorite thing is pressure washing. I absolutely love it. I love it so much that we actually bought one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first experience with pressure washing was when we were planning to have Margot’s 1st Birthday Party on our beautiful patio, but I just couldn’t stand the site of our fence…it was green with mildew!!!

So we rented a pressure washer for the day and we pressure washed the entire fence, cement slab, house, sidewalk…EVERYTHING!

Everything looked so clean…and then it rained all day every day for 22 days and every other day after that (gotta love summertime in Florida). All the rain caused our patio to get quite dirty/mildewy/moldy.

We didn’t even want to go outside because it looked so scary, not that we could go outside anyways because summer in Florida means lots and lots of rain and very very hot.

Anyways…this past weekend we decided it was time to get everything cleaned up because patio weather is almost here! We looked on CraigsList for a used pressure washer, but then opted to just buy a brand new one because we need something good and reliable. Saturday afternoon Graham came home with our pressure washer and it was easily top 5 greatest days of my life (his too). Before I knew it he was outside pressure washing all the dirt and grim away.

You’re probably speechless just like I was when I saw the amazing difference. Now we need to seal this puppy before it gets like that again!

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