Driveway Redo

As mentioned before, when we bought our house all we were concerned with was that the inside was basically move in ready. We neglected to notice that we barely had a drive and that we did not have a garage. We actually didn’t realize the importance of a garage until Margot started outgrowing her clothes and toys and we had nowhere to store them (we’ll get to that later). Anyways, this is what the drive looked like when we moved in…


The drive was fine for about 2 weeks. And then it started raining. The rain just puddled up in between the cement lanes causing lots of mud. It’s tough enough carrying a baby in the rain to the house, but now I had to jump over a puddle while carrying said baby. This wasn’t going to work for me.

We considered mixing cement and putting that in between, but that seemed like really hard work and I was worried it would look weird. We considered removing everything and starting from scratch, but that was even more work.


In our backyard there was a random brick sidewalk and then lots of buried bricks throughout the yard (WHY??!!!).


I knew we were eventually going to redo our backyard and these bricks would need to go so I started digging them up. I then got the idea of putting the bricks in between the cement driveway tracks…genius right??

We dug out all the grass and rocks and started inserting the bricks. We both loved it! I think we loved it even more because it was FREE!!!! It only took a few hours to complete, but it made a huge difference and no more muddy puddles!

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