DIY Wall Mural

It’s summertime in Florida, which means no one wants to go outside. It also means that we can’t do any outdoor projects until the fall. So what is someone who loves doing projects supposed to do??

Turn the unused guest room into a playroom/office/guest room!

After spending days scouring the internet and hours walking through Home Depot I finally decided on the perfect playroom/office/guest room design. The first thing I needed to do was pick out colors.


DONE! We wanted bright, but modern.

By the way, when I finally decide to do a project it must be done NOW! I’m pretty sure my husband loves this about me, because it means he gets to drop everything and start a new project. The weekend I decided to undertake this project he had to work so that left just me and my little helper. I’m sure as Graham headed off to work he thought there was no way this would go well. He was wrong.

I got out the giant level, pencil, painters tape, plastic sheeting and tape measure. So it began…


I drew a lot of lines and then used painters tape to outline the triangle I was going to paint. I actually drew out the wall on graph paper and picked what color each triangle would be so it would be easier to know what to paint on the wall. I wanted them to be random, but not too random. I think I succeeded. Drawing the lines took the longest, maybe 3 hours, but part of that was because my little helper wasn’t much of a helper.

As soon as nap time arrived, the project went much faster!



By the time my husband got home from work I was almost finished and he was VERY impressed! I’m also impressed. I have to admit that this is the first project I’ve actually every finished. My mother can attest to that; her basement is filled with my unfinished childhood projects.

The next morning I finished! I love it! I’m actually obsessed with the wall, but rightfully so, right?


The whole project only took about 11 hours, waaaay less time than I imagined. All that was left was to move in the toys! Oh and my husband built a desk onto a set of cubes we bought from Ikea to act as a room divider. Margot is one lucky little lady to have this playroom!


  • level
  • paint, we could have gotten by with just purchasing the sample sized containers of pain
  • pencil
  • paint brush/roller
  • lots of painter’s tape
  • plastic sheeting for the ground
  • lots of patience

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  1. I love this wall? Can you please give me more info about the measurements you used? Like how far apart did you space the lines?

    • I actually drew a grid of 1 foot by 1 foot squares on the entire wall with a pencil and level. The triangles are all 2 feet wide and 1 foot tall. Drawing the grid was the most time consuming part! Thanks for checking out my blog and let me know if you have any other questions!!

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